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The primary objective of TED electronic-based registry is to evaluate the outcome of Paclitaxel eluting Taxus Element stent in 750 Patients with diabetes mellitus who are suitable for drug-eluting stent implantation according to the applicable


guidelines on percutaneous coronary interventions. .....Read more

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Lebanese Ministry of Public Health




T.E.D  "Taxus Element in Diabetics Registry"

is a prospective multi-country,  multi-center, observational, open-label medical registry designed to electronically capture data, manage, monitor, and report in diabetic patients' outcomes receiving Paclitaxel eluting Taxus Element Stent.

TED is designed to be non experimental study, where all enrolled patients should be treated according to the current routine hospital practice and standards of care.

TED patient population are only those patients with diabetes mellitus suitable for drug-eluting stent implantation according to the applicable guidelines on percutaneous coronary interventions.

Project Description

Diabetes has always adversely affected the outcome of percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) first angioplasty and then later stenting. Patients with diabetes mellitus are known to have a higher adverse event rate after PCI and stenting compared with those without diabetes.  This is mainly due to increased restenosis and subsequent need for repeat revascularization.

Patients with diabetes have often .......Read more

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TED Medical Centers

Saudi Arabia

          King Fahad Armed Forces Hospital,   Jeddah                                                                                                               Dr. Erfan & Bagedo General Hospital,   Jeddah                                                                                                        Mouasat Medical Services, Dammam                                                                                                        International Medical Center,   Jeddah                                                                                                               Saud Babtain Cardiac Center,   Dammam                                                                                                            King Fahad Military Medical Complex,   Dhahran                                                                                                            King Fahad University Hospital,   Khobar                                                                                                               Armed Forces Hospital Southern Region,   Khamis Mushayt                                                                                                 North West Armed Forces Hospital,   Tabuk                                                                                                                 Prince Sultan Cardiac Center,   Hafuf                                                                                                                 



United Arab Emirates

          Sheikh Khalifa Medical City (SKMC),  Abu Dhabi                                                                                                         Zayed Military Hospital,  Abu Dhabi                                                                                                         Al-Qassimi Hospital, Sharjah                                                                 




          Saint Georges Hospital,   Beirut                                                                                                                        HDF ||  Hotel-Dieu De France || Saint Joseph University Hospital,   Beirut                                                                                                      Clemenceau Medical Center,  Beirut                                                                




          hôpital Mongi Slim La Marsa,   Tunis                                                                                                                      hôpital Charle Nicolel,   Tunis                                                                                                            hôpital Militaire de Tunis,   Tunis                                                                                                        hôpital Hedi Chaker,     Sfax                                                                                                          Clinique Ibn Annafis,   Sfax                                                                                                                         hôpital Sahloul,    Sousse                                                                      




         Research Center of Endovascular Intervention  , Tahran




         Tabba Heart Institute,  Karachi


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TED Login

TED Study Stent

"The C.E. marked Paclitaxel eluting Taxus Element stent of (Boston Scientific, Natick, Massachusetts)"

The Paclitaxel eluting Taxus Element

Participated Countries

Five countries from across the Middle-east, North Africa and Asia are participating in TED study :

- Saudi Arabia

- United Arab Emirates

- Lebanon

- Tunisia

- Iran

- Pakistan

Ethical Considerations

An ethics approval letter will be obtained from the ethics committee of each individual participated hospital.

Despite the fact that TED study is not altering the standard treatment and any related medical procedures, A consent form is to be collected from each individual patient enrolled in the study.

Names and identities for all individuals are un-identified during the study and all submitted data will remain encrypted from data entry to data analysis & study publications.


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